April 2015
Jeffrey Zeldman

Know Yourself

Happiness in work isn't merely a question of skills; it's about who you are, how you relate to others, and how others see you.

Jeffrey Zeldman, founder of A List Apart, shares his thoughts in this guest post.

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Guest post by Gedeon Maheux

Take Baby Steps

Having trouble starting a new, large intimidating project at work? Gedeon Maheux, co-founder and designer at the Iconfactory, has some great advice to make starting a new project easier.

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Guest post by Schuyler Deerman

If You Fail, Start Up Again

Starting over isn’t easy. It’s hard and humbling. Since most startups don’t work out, more founders fail first than succeed. But all of that doesn’t deter entrepreneurs from trying, either for the first time or all over again.

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Dan Counsell

Founder of Realmac Software

Nathan Barry

Founder of ConvertKit

Pieter Omvlee

Founder of Bohemian Coding

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Stop Networking - Start Meeting People

I never was a good networker. I never liked it, and I finally found out why: I had looked at it the wrong way.

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Don't Ask for Money - Ask for Advice

When your company is in the early stages you're struggling to keep your head above water. You're in all sorts of trouble: You're weeks from going broke, you're trying to figure out what you'll actually be selling, the business model - and 96 other problems.

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