May 2015 by Pieter Omvlee

Focus on Your Product

This is a guest post by Pieter Omvlee. Pieter is the founder of Bohemian Coding, where they make an app called Sketch. Sketch is a professional digital design app for the Mac that is used by large and small companies to design websites, mobile interfaces, and more.

Our business is selling good software at a decent price to professionals who are willing to pay for it. The freedom of not having to deal with investors and VCs allows us to purely focus on the product and how we can make it better.

It is this focus that I think is most important of all. We are patiently and deliberately improving our product for our core market. We are very deliberate to not position our product in markets for which our product is not ready. Not having investors breathing down our neck for more growth – and preferably faster – gives us a lot of freedom.

There is a tremendous amount of work involved in getting all the small details of your product right. Even if you deliberately limit the scope of your app, there's tremendous depth to be explored. Small, useful features that in themselves won't make a big splash on your product page, but that will delight your customers and turn them into advocates for your product. Working on features like this takes time, patience and focus. Make sure you have that focus.