April 2015 by Tobias Günther

Stop Networking - Start Meeting People

I never was a good networker. I never liked it, and I finally found out why: I had looked at it the wrong way. To me, networking had always been a chore. It felt like hard work - and, moreover, like a kind of work I didn't feel suited for.

At some point, however, I suddenly started to like it. And it took me a while to realize what had changed: it was my attitude. I had stopped to "network" and instead focused on just getting to know new people.

Before, I often focused on the "business value" of new contacts. Today, I'm extremely relaxed in this matter: it's absolutely enough to simply meet a new person. It doesn't matter if it's a "valuable" contact for my business. I've experienced the strangest coincidences where people from totally unrelated branches had at some point helped me and my business.

That's why I appeal to you: Stop networking. And instead start meeting interesting people.