August 2015 by William Channer


This is a guest post by William Channer.

William is a co-founder of Panda and host of the podcast show Dorm Room Tycoon.

Being an entrepreneur and creating a product is about learning how to make progress in the midst of uncertainty. It’s a constant juggle and a never ending routine. And it’s about managing the uncertainty in all spheres, and reducing the gap between what you know and what you don’t know. Uncertainty comes in many forms. Does the landing page communicate well? Does the product work? Is this feature really useful? Will we meet our deadline?

Uncertainty will always linger in the air. It will never go away. It’s loitering at every turn you make. But if you can make reasonable progress based on truths and not guess work, uncertainty will slowly dwindle. From interviewing founders on Dorm Room Tycoon I know that learning to live with uncertainty is key.

From co-founding Panda with Ahmet Sulek, we’ve realised that a good product is based on a truth, sometimes we call this a user insight. And it’s with this awareness that we can build and deliver something people value. When launching something new, we put a lot of emphasis into beta testing. We also make it easy for users to leave feedback. All obvious things, but this gives us the necessary time to reduce uncertainty and see how people use it.

I believe that the quicker you can reduce uncertainty and find the truth, the quicker you can build a product that people want, and hopefully love.