The Company

fournova is a small software company based in Germany. Founded in 2010, we set out to create software that matters.

Our product Tower helps over 100,000 customers in companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Twitter to easily & productively work with the Git version control system.

The Impact

We want to ship great products. But we're also aware that many people don't have the luxury to pursue such a passion. Because they are poor or in need.
Therefore, each year, we donate 10% of our profits to a good cause.

Recently, we were able to support projects like the Against Malaria Foundation, Stay Stiftung, and the Foundation for Bolivia.

The Team

At fournova, we believe that we can only create great products with the help of our peers - as a team. These people are fournova:

Alex Rinaß   CTO

Alex is responsible for all of fournova's software development. He architects, reviews, actively codes, and helps his teammates in all situations. He's the one who makes sure we're making the best software possible.

Chris Schupp   Design

Without Chris, the things we do would just "work". Thanks to him, however, our products, websites, blog posts, and merchandise look sexy. Meet him on the soccer court when he's not designing beautiful things.

Heiko Witte   Mac Development

Here's a quiz question: What do you get when you mix a broad knowledge of Objective-C, Cocoa and iOS with a knack for machine learning, Yoga and digital photography? Absolutely correct: our Mac development team member Heiko!

Julian Rothkamp   CMO

Julian manages all of fournova's marketing activities. Partly his job, partly his passion, he is the most up-to-date person concerning the startup & tech news in a 1000 mile radius. Catch him in his spare time and you'll find him in love with music.

Kristian Lumme   Web + Marketing Dev

Kristian is our go-to guy for all things web. With his love for learning new things, he not only makes our own web projects better - he also helps our users and community become better developers by creating awesome learning content.

Martins Spilners   Rails Developer

Rocks and cliffs beware: Martins will climb you (if he's not racing down a ski slope...)! When he's on the computer, though, he works with Ruby on Rails to produce wonderful frontend and backend code.

Nora Balogh   Support Engineer

Whenever our customers have a question or a problem, Nora is happy to help! Apart from managing our customer support, she also helps us keep the company running by taking care of many organizational things.

Pete Zimmer   Windows Development

Pete gets the best out of Microsoft Windows for us. But moreover, he also is an expert for gadgets and guitars: if fournova had a band, he'd be our lead guitarist!

Tobias Günther   CEO

In 2010, after several years of running a web agency, Tobias had grown enough gray hair to finally found fournova. Today, he’s best known for being addicted to movies, loving Asian food, and being slim.